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Trying to lose weight, but what you’ve been doing isn’t working? Don’t be discouraged.Take it back to the basics, and keep a little journal either in your smartphone, or log book to track everything you consume, and exercise regimen for about a week or two. Don’t change any eating, drinking, or workout regimen because the point of this project is to analyze exactly where you may be overindulging with your nutrition, and workout regimen may be suffering. Afterwards, look it over, preferably with a nutritionist/and or a fitness coach. This simple step of recording could stop you from grabbing extras.


Author: moorefit4u

I am a certified personal trainer who is very passionate about fitness & health. I have over 8 years of hands on education, and experience giving me the ability to push you to surpass your fitness goals. My number one goal is to Motivate. Educate. & hold you Accountable to goal specific programs set forth for you to achieve by applying nutritional principles to your diet, and personalize fitness plans each week. ​No matter what your fitness goal is (weight gain, weight loss, build endurance, overall healthy living education) let MooreFit help you be MooreFit4U.

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