Sprint Interval Training

What is SIT?

SIT stands for Sprint Interval Training. It’s a type of high Intensity Interval Training (HIIT). It helps

◾️ Build endurance

◾️ Increase your anaerobic threshold

◾️ Burn way more calories and fat both during

and after your workout

Click link for video: SIT Sprint Interval Training

Warm up: 10 minutes at speed 4.0

30 second sprints:speed 9

1 minute:speed 4.5

10 rounds 💪

Speed listed above are what my client executed. Start at a pace that is suitable for your speed.


Author: moorefit4u

I am a certified personal trainer who is very passionate about fitness & health. I have over 8 years of hands on education, and experience giving me the ability to push you to surpass your fitness goals. My number one goal is to Motivate. Educate. & hold you Accountable to goal specific programs set forth for you to achieve by applying nutritional principles to your diet, and personalize fitness plans each week. ​No matter what your fitness goal is (weight gain, weight loss, build endurance, overall healthy living education) let MooreFit help you be MooreFit4U.

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