Do You Even Deadlift Bro

The Deadlift!

One of the most powerful weightlifting movements known to man. Always imitated never duplicated.

Imitated by engineering of machines and equipment used to hit the body in the same effect, but just can’t replace the real deal. Deadlifts performed correctly is one of those exercises that will build unparalleled mass while strengthening all the major muscle groups. This exercise usually performed on back day can be performed on leg day as well because it’s a power movement that works upper body, lower body, and definitely activates the core, but it has to be performed correctly otherwise you will set yourself up for injury in the future.

Deadlift’s places significant stress on your back so you want to make sure you’re executing properly. If you perform the exercise wrong or use a weight so heavy it compromises your technique, you will increase the risk of hurting your lower back. Some example of good form and bad form are depicted below:

To execute properly grasp the barbell as seen in the video below using an amount of weight you can feasibly lift, and lift it up until you’re standing up with the bar hanging in front of you with your arms extended, then place it back down. Don’t shrug your shoulders at the top of the movement when you execute.

Click Here for Deadlift Demo

Muscle Fitness list 10 benefits of deadlifts that I definitely agree with:

  1. Increased fat burning 👍
  2. Better posture 👌
  3. More muscles worked 👍
  4. Increased real life lift 👍
  5. It’s safe 👀(this is questionable, it’s safe as long as the individual is trained on proper technique)
  6. Improved grip strength 👍
  7. Increased hormones 👍
  8. Cheap and easy
  9. Increased cardio 👌
  10. Prevents injury 👍

To conclude, a deadlift is a powerful movement, that is very effective in building overall strength as long as it’s perform correctly.

Look out for a later post next week were I go into a more descriptive detail on the importance of incorporating deadlifts in your routine at least once a week, and describe the 10 benefits + some other additions.


Author: moorefit4u

I am a certified personal trainer who is very passionate about fitness & health. I have over 8 years of hands on education, and experience giving me the ability to push you to surpass your fitness goals. My number one goal is to Motivate. Educate. & hold you Accountable to goal specific programs set forth for you to achieve by applying nutritional principles to your diet, and personalize fitness plans each week. ​No matter what your fitness goal is (weight gain, weight loss, build endurance, overall healthy living education) let MooreFit help you be MooreFit4U.

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